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If you're looking for a something off the beaten track, we think you'll find this truly unique gin rather special. Majestic Parrot is a peppermint gin that uses Australian peppermint gum leaves to create a fresh and crisp flavour, with a hint of rosella to add some tartness and a lovely, very mild pink colour. Don't be deceived by the colour - this is not a sweet gin! Named after the elegant Princess Parrot, this gin captures the essence of its vibrant plumage and cheeky nature. You can enjoy Majestic Parrot with a splash of Mediterranean tonic, or use it to create amazing cocktails, such as a gin mojito with lime syrup and soda. Whether you sip it on a sunny afternoon or a starry night, Majestic Parrot will make you feel like you're in a tropical paradise.

Please note that because the colour comes from Rosellas and we use no added colours or artificial preservatives the pink will fade over time. The photos above show the maximum level of vibrancy on the day this was bottled - what you receive may be far less pink, but the degree of colour does not impact the taste, it is entirely an aesthetic coincidence of the recipe.

Majestic Parrot Gin

  • 500ml, 37.5% ABV. 

    Allergy Warning: May Contain Traces of Sulphites and Tree Nuts.

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