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Don't be put off by its namesake, we promise our Bin Chicken Gin is tasty, not trashy! Amongst a host of classic and native botanicals alike, Royal Ibis features ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, namely local lemon myrtle pruning destined for landfill, and fresh mandarin peels. The mandarin fruit itself is used by local First Nations women’s groups who transform the fruit into delicious jam which they sell as a fundraiser.

Royal Ibis is a bold, citrus forward drink that evolves as you enjoy it, with a bright start from the mandarin that isn't to be outshone by the vibrant lemon myrtle finish. This gin can be enjoyed over ice, or is beautiful when mixed with a dash of Mediterranean tonic - just don't throw lemon and lime in there, this gin packs a punch on its own and can argue with other citrus in a glass like Tip Turkeys fighting over a cheese burger in a Maccas carpark. Enjoy this classic Australian gin today!

Royal Ibis Gin

  • 500ml, 37.5% ABV. 

    Allergy Warning May Contain Traces of Sulphites and Tree Nuts

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